“Before every art class, I look forward with excitement, joy and anticipation to the surprise Michelle has planned for us.  I also look forward to the totally unplanned, unexpected unfolding of individuality and creative inspiration.  In this organized, safe, nurturing space, I can transform an experience, thought, mood or feeling, into a tangible physical form. The fun part is the total lack of inhibition. With Michelle's clear, gentle guidance, there is no need (or time) to think.  We tap into unconscious processes with the generous variety of materials provided.  Many of these materials are forgiving and non-threatening.”

“Michelle invites us to explore techniques: mixing colours, playing with light and dark, observing and seeing in another way.   Each session has a focus which helps to unleash, the sheer joy of creative self expression, on this magical and colourful journey.”  Elaine

“Michelle has created a safe environment for me to reconnect with my old friend, creatitivity!”  

“At times it’s felt emotional and overwhelming and in her kind and respectful way she’s encouraged me to let go of self judgement and given me permission to mine the depths of my soul...to find the treasures buried deep within!!  Subconsciously processing unresolved issues, shifting things...  The results have been astounding!  Areas unrelated where I have felt “stuck” - have been “unstuck” and I’ve had new found confidence to tackle things with a fresh perspective and new energy!!  I’ve achieved things I never thought possible in the last little while and I attribute it to the “shifting” that happens inside art class! So thank you!” Debbie





“Let loose the medicine in your own hands”  Ian McCallum

Michelle Knight



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”.......... I have discovered so much about myself and my life through these creative processes.  

It’s amazing how art speaks!”  Alison



“I feel so gifted to be held in such a supportive space. Michelle guides the process in such an honouring way that I feel completely safe & inspired to create from a place of deep connection & spontaneity.  I have discovered wonderful things about myself through the process.”  


“I really value these 3 hours a week of meditative creation. In my profession I am outcomes driven, so Michelle’s classes provide a wonderful counterpoint, where I’m guided to respond intuitively. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to re-explore my creativity.”


“Thank you so much for all that you put into these classes.  It has been truly magical and exactly what my heart and soul have needed.  It’s a great journey!”